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SPORTFIVE is a company of Lagardère Unlimited, the dedicated Sports and Entertainment branch of the French media Company Lagardère Group. Lagardère Unlimited employs over 1,300 members of staff at 71 locations worldwide. In Germany alone, there are more than 200 active marketing and sales experts at 16 locations ready to serve our clients – offering you and your brand tailor-made services centred round image- and sales-supporting, premium sports events.


Bosna Hersek - Polonya Hazırlık Maçı- Antalya HD    

2010-2011 Broadcast Hizmetleri HD/SD    

2011-2012 Broadcast Hizmetleri HD/ SD    

WCQ Türkiye - Belçika SD    

2013-2014 Dünya Kupası Elemeleri Türkiye - Hollanda    

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